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Spółka Jawna J. Szydłowski, J. Kłaput
work eSKa J. Szydłowski, J. Kłaput Spółka Jawna Lgota, ul. Podgórska 11 Witanowice 34-103 Polska Tel.: +48 33 879 47 96 Cell phone: +48 603 683 405 www:

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The “eSKa” company was founded in 1986 by Julian Szydłowski and Józef Kłaput. The company’s priorities are high product quality and customer satisfaction. To  make  this  possible,  the  company is   constantly    developing    through the modernization of the machine park, the  expansion   of   the   factory   and the introduction of new designs. Why us? We are a Polish manufacturer of women’s leather footwear with a long tradition. We offer you leather shoes for women. We offer classic and modern shoes. We carefully select the highest quality leathers and materials. We work with top shoe designers. Our offer includes platform shoes, pumps as well as high heels.