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Address DAKOMA Sp. z o.o. ul. Turystyczna 12 Wiązowna 05-462 Polska Tel.: +48 22 610 45 11 Cell phone: +48 501 410 843 www:

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We walk in sneakers, play different sports, like to take care of the look and condition of our shoes. We know that a well maintained shoe has a big impact on comfort and health of our feet but also on our image. Specially designed and created in our laboratories Coccine Sne-akers Line are products dedicated to sports footwear lovers. Our products and insoles have successfully passed a series of demanding tests during various sports activities. Coccine Sneakers Line are top quality products thanks to which you can easily and effectively take care of your sports shoes and feet. DO YOUR THING! WE’LL TAKE CARE OF YOUR SHOES.

Coccine premium

is a Polish brand of insoles, accessories and cosmetics for footwear. Our mission is to provide health safety, durability and comfort in use of footwe-ar. All our activities are conducted with respect for the environment and other resources used in our industry.
  • cleaning
  • care
  • renovation
  • protection & waterproofing

Coccine Eco

is a line of cosmetics and insoles designed with nature in mind. We haven’t made any compromises. We’ve created effective products manufactured in Poland using solar energy, based on natural ingredients, safe for people, the environment and… shoes.